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By so doing every one finds his or her own account.
 Bio by nature and most freshly sold on internet 
It is surely the fresher Shea butter put on sale on Internet presently. Generally we buy's it in the market within 48 or 72 hours before sending it to France. The product are distributed to the buyers within one week time. We buy the shea butter directly in the near-by village from Bamako and some times in Bamako. All the shea butter are produced from the bush. We buy the shea butter from a "fresh products market" and supplied regularly by women who make it in village. So every one can find its account.

For reason of professional secrecy, we do not say the names of the villages, but photos speak of them-selves.
Good reading.

Image villagebeurredekarit
The shea butter we offer is manufactured to traditional ways as we shall explain. Shea nuts harvested between mid-June and mid-September are removed from the pulp. The flesh is not empty because it is a sweet fruit and very good :). Then obtained a nut whose kernel is recovered. Washed and allowed to dry. They are then all along the year as and of production and orders are crushed, roasted, ground to a paste thick mixed with water will be vigorously baratée. Immersion in boiling water will help to separate the butter from the other components of the kernel, including impurities that settle to the bottom. Thus we can produce shea butter fresh all year.

Image beurredekaritbrutnonrafinnsheabutter29640x480
 The equity 
In these small villages the women have many activities such back-yard gardening, the collection of the dry wood in the bush for the cooking, to fetch some water in wells and the other task. The women have one big place in the social life politics of their villages. And also they make shea butter for the body care of all the family but also for the cooking in the kitchen. A knowledge which is passed on from generation to generation and more particularly in the bushes where grows the tree of shea-tree in abundance. We learnt with the old persons in a small village which makes our shea butter and our soaps that there is 2 kind of walnut one, which is eatable and the other one is not eatable but can be used on the skin. The shea butter which we sell results from the walnut which is eatable because it is of better quality for the skin. We asked from the women of this village to reserve us a quantity of their production.
Image villagebeurredekait10
Image marchkarit
A local proverb says: “Everything used on your skin must be eatable”, hence the authentic wealth of this Shea butter which made it a noble product.
 Fair trade by nature 
- Small producers who make it with patience and passion, sell it in the price of their convenience (there is no pressure from the importers, neither at the level of price nor the return)
- The retailer in the market furnishes 2 times a week (Thursday and Sunday). He knows the best quality of the Shea butter at a glance. The retailer is obliged to buy and sell the best quality so that he couldn’t have unsold, for everyone knows the best quality. People eat and use it since the birth.

- The buyer is insured to buy a 100% natural fresh product consumed by the local population, and not made especially for exportation. It is as if you are making shopping in a market of Mali
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