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Shea butter is a vegetable oil, it did not require special storage conditions that is really several years, two or three years minimum. The shea butter we propose is very fresh as we buy in the market as and when orders. Shea Butter melts at skin temperature about 35 ฐ C and is easily applied to the face and body. In Mali it happens it can melt in the exponent in the sun because it is sometimes more than 40 ฐ. This is not the case for the inhabitants of our planet's north, in Europe in this case. And even if it was brought to melt because of having been exposed to extremely hot temperatures, the natural shea butter becomes hard when cooled. When we say unrefined mean he did not undergo any alteration or modification from its extraction from the nut. As preservative, fragrance or any chemical, solvent or other. That why he keeps all his virtues. We use the same shea butter in our meals, proof that it is harmless. Its smell is bearable (which does not mean it smells bad, quite the contrary) a peculiarity of shea butter high quality Malian more it fades quickly after application. Regarding transport it comes in a small plastic bucket on the ground in Africa, sealed and wrapped in the rosin. Shea butter smell as sweet as the fresh or vanilla but rather close to the nut. But we can not say he feels bad if properly prepared and that is the case for which we prepared in the most traditional of the day it is today.
They say that Nefertiti, wife of legendary beauty of the pharaoh Akhenaten, cover his body with shea butter. At that time there were no refrigerator or freezer. It is possible to let the shea butter in the fridge as the freezer. When choosing to better use the freezer. For certain preparations of shea butter and essential oil it is necessary to place the preparation in the freezer so that the mixture remains homogeneous by taking a solid look faster. As in liquid oils are separated according to the law of gravity, the heavier the oil accumulates at the bottom of the container.
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