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The Virtues

 Virtues of Shea butter  
For centuries, the Shea butter constitutes a much sought after and appreciated product by African population, as well in terms of curative as culinary for sprains, colds and wounds. The Shea properties are nowadays recognized by the African and European medical profession namely in dermatology and pharmacy. As all the vegetable grasses, Shea butter has overall softening, anti-drying and protective effects. The rare presence of non-saponifying in oils except avocado and Soya bean, until 7% in the Shea butter, participates also to these effects. Here are the properties of Shea butter: the protection of the body against bad weathers and sun.

It is the question of a protection of natural origin against ultraviolet which favor the prevention against some sunny allergies, a property due to the presence of latex; healing and disinfection allowing to fight against dermatitis, chaps and cracks or cutaneous ulcers thanks to the presence of vitamin A; nutrition of connective tissues thanks to linoleic acid and vitamin F; but also dry and brittle hair thanks to the presence of vitamin A; the improving of tissues regeneration and cells stimulation in a state of self protection. This permits to fight against degenerative affections of the body due to the age and sun. This action is accompanied of an increasing of the local capillary circulation favoring the tissue reoxygenetion and elimination of metabolic wastes. It fights against stretch marks by its anti-elastase characteristics. These properties are also favored by its excellent ability to make up permanent emulsions (oil in water or water in oil). We have to notice first that the Shea butter is, out of its permanency, an excellent excipient for all the medical preparations in so far as it avoids allergic reactions without deteriorating the active principles. Out of its applications in dermatology, the Shea butter is also recognized efficient against: aches and rheumatisms, the head cold as nasal clearer.

 The Virtues  
Cream for body, hands, hair, foot, face, man, woman, baby, and child, infant and adult

It is ideal for the skin and hair of mothers and future mothers, babies, men women, children, elderly people, briefly all the family.
Rich in carotene, also in vitamins A, E, and F, this vegetable butter can be used on the face, body and hair. It is convenient with every kind of skin and at whatever age. Its texture, soft and creamy, permits very pleasant massages. In daily application, the Shea butter moisturizes, feeds, protects and tauts the skin.
It is also recommended to relax the muscles after an effort. Recommended for old, dry and manhandled skins, it provides the reparation of winkles and repairs cutaneous injuries. It contains also healing virtues, prevents ulcers, eczema, and reduces stretch marks.
Its wealth in carotene made it an ideal ingredient to maintain a sun burnt and satiny complexion all along the summer.
It is to be applied without moderation

Called'' Shi'' Tulu Mali, moisturizing and protective properties of the oil from shea led people to prepare the ointment for hair and body. In Bamanan and Fulani, shea butter is used in traditional medicines and as raw material in the manufacture of soap and creams. This gives the shea butter hand a difficult process. We must turn, crushing, roasting, crushing and soak the almonds. The handcrafted shea butter allows to extract a substance (accelerated healing) that treats skin burns, insect bites and rheumatism, certain ulcers. The virtues of shea butter and its values ​​are manifold: Hair Care: melt the shea butter in a pan, let cool. To remove the smell you can add lemon. Apply the cream thus obtained on the hair, massaging the scalp. Wrap hair in a towel and let stand one hour. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do the same two times a month and see the result. Skin Care: Apply on face and body like any cream to prevent chapping of the skin, dryness of the lips. Prized by pregnant women for its efficacy to fight against stretch marks. Perfectly suited for baby skin. It can also shine her lipstick with a point of Shea.
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