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 How do I send an escrow payment? 
The buyer must first open an account with Moneybookers ( to benefit from this service. Only the purchaser may make a payment "Trusted third party" - for the transactions that followed, he needs only the email address of the seller: 1) go to the section "Send money"; (2) select the "Trusted third party" checkbox; -3) follow the instructions.
 As the Buyer, what happens to my payment when I send it via Moneybookers Escrow? 
Your funds are kept on an intermediate trust account secure, on which neither you, nor the seller have access, until the transaction is completed.
 Does Moneybookers Escrow favour neither the buyer nor the seller? 
No. "Our service ' trusted third party ' is a neutral intermediary, which ensures a safe execution of the transaction to the buyer and the seller.
 How can an Escrow payment be cancelled? 
The seller may at any time cancel the transaction. Payment and security deposit will be, then returned to the purchaser. The buyer can refuse the payment during the audit period after the receipt of the item, but it will be responsible for the return of the goods to the seller, as well as the payment of all fees.

 How does Moneybookers Escrow protect the buyer against fraud? 
The seller is not paid as long as the buyer has not accepted the goods, or that the audit period has not expired. If the merchandise is fraudulent, the buyer has the possibility to return until the payment is issued to the seller.
Each delivery is followed to ensure that vendor has successfully delivered the goods. Proven Moneybookers verification procedures allow identification and a quick prosecution of fraudsters.

 How does Moneybookers Escrow protect the seller against fraud? 
Any payment is guaranteed by the unique system of secure Moneybookers payments. You do not have to worry about the risk of a refund. A special 2% security deposit paid by the buyer (which will be reimbursed only after successful execution of the transaction) will ensure the immediate activity of the buyer during the procedure of verification and acceptance of the goods. All shipments are tracked to ensure that the buyer is getting the goods. Proven Moneybookers verification procedures allow identification and a quick prosecution of fraudsters.

 How can the buyer reject an item? 
During the 14 days of inspection, the buyer can click "deny". At this stage, buyer is responsible for the return of the goods through a sender. The buyer does receive repayment of its funds only after confirmation by the seller of the receipt of the item in the same State when the initial mailing.
 How long does the buyer have to inspect the items? 
The audit period is 14 days. Once this period is exceeded, Moneybookers believes that the merchandise has been approved by the buyer, the seller is then irreversibly paid.
 What are the fees for sending an escrow payment? 
The costs are paid by the buyer, and amounted to 1% of the price of purchase (with a minimum of 2 EUR).
 What is the security deposit? 
A deposit of 2% of the amount of the purchase is paid by the buyer. It is returned to him once the payment has been made to the seller. This deposit encourages the buyer to finish the transaction once the goods received.
 What if the items are damaged during shipping? 
If the delivery is insured, the delivery company is responsible for the damage caused. If the shipment is not assured and where the buyer and the seller does not lead to a common agreement, the transaction will probably be subject to negotiation. In most cases, the person who sent the article will be responsible for the damage to the goods.
 If the buyer returns an item, who pays for shipping? 
If the buyer refuses the goods, it shall pay the costs of the reference.
 What if the Seller does not ship the items? 
Your funds will not be handed over to the Seller as long as you have not received and approved article purchased. This eliminates the concern of non-delivery of goods.
 For which purposes can I use Moneybookers Escrow for? 
Our trusted third party service is ideal for the auction sales, transfers of domain name and any other types of national and international trade.

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