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Raw unrefined Shea Butter 100% natural

 Raw unrefined shea butter 100% pure and natural 
Raw unrefined shea butter 100% pure and natural
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"The freshest of all shea butter sold on the net, bought every month in small quantities from small local producers."
With its yellow color a little brown and its good natural smell as found on the markets of West Africa!

'' Bio by nature '' (no chemicals used) trees grow naturally naturally in the bush. The shea tree is a wild tree.
The women of the neighboring villages gather to go and pick the fruit of the tree called kari in Soninke language or also called shea in Bambara and Mande language. Edible fruits and very good. This fruit contains a nut, it is from this nut that the butter is extracted.

It is not certified organic (it costs too much), it is the same butter that we eat locally and use for our traditional dishes. It is obvious that the skin will feast.

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