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The silver used for our jewells

The silver used for our jewelry is a massive silver, it is more pure than the silver used in modern jewelry, that is to say the 925/000 which is the international standard. The minimum to ensure a jewel of quality in silver, and for that he can keep his appellation of silver massif. However our craftsmen found the alloy 925/000 of silver still too therefore lasts not enough ductile for some of our traditional jewelry which might this break when artisans would try to bend, as to the earrings Fulani or bushings.
It is also too hard during the hammering which is done by hand to give form to most of our jewelry such as bracelets or the RAS of neck. It is for this reason that it is necessary for us that the silver is the most pure as possible up to the 999/000 i.e. the titration of the silver ingot massif. It is found in tiny quantity of bronze or copper in the silver used by our artisans, in order to allow the jewel the strength necessary to its longevity. But we do not use nickel because of the risk of allergy. In addition in view of its very strong composition in money pure metal, our metal resists really much more to the phenomenon of oxidation and discoloration. As have been manufactured most of our ancestral jewelry who have crossed the centuries. Thus all the world finds there are account, a work less painful for the craftsmen and the warranty for you of a jewel in silver virtually pure. Either a true jewel of value.
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