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Frequently Asked Questions Nanadiany

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Hello, I want to buy several products among you. How to pay only once the costs of shipments?
A: Hello, the costs of port is automatically calculated according to the weight at the end of your selection in the cart, please confirm your purchases by adding them to Shopping Cart

Q: Good evening, I am sending you this mail for you to know that I wish to make purchases in your home has to know a bracelet and a box has jewelry. I wish to pay by check and I would like to know how to do?
A: Good evening, the regulation by check is not accepted, you can only pay by blue card.
Very cordially.

Q: What is the largest diameter that you can have in this model of b. of golden ears?
A: Hello The larger diameter is 14 cm.

Q: Hello, I am possibly interested in a bracelet, but I would like a particular diameter (about 6.5, but not much more). Is it that a place is provided on your order
A: Good evening, choose the size from the drop down menu near the price. Cordially. Nanadiany.

Q: Hello, do you have shipped my last order(Shea Butter, coupons, tissues)? If not, leave a small place for this bracelet. Thank you to answer me quickly. Good Weekend
A: Good evening, not yet you can buy.
Cordially. Nanadiany.

Q: Is this that I can pay by Paypal? Furthermore Have you always the size 64. (I had asked the question a week ago, but I have not been able to follow up immediately). Thank you
A: Hello, yes you can pay with Paypal. And yes you can always have in size 64. Thank you again for your interest in my objects cordially. Diany.

Q: I saw that in your shop a new kind of shea butter is appeared, this butter is more expensive than that said ''normal'', what is the difference between these two types of shea butter (at the level of the cosmetic effect).
A: There is no cosmetic effect particular, it has not the smell of the shea butter, but of the Natural incense. It is more expensive due to the incense and a handicraft work extra for the preparation. Everything is natural, bark and roots of trees naturally scented. A lot of African women the use during the days of seasons ''cold''.

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