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Shea butter

 Virtues of Shea butter 
The shea butter is for centuries, both on the curative plan that culinary, a product sought and appreciated by the African population: for sprains, colds and the wounds. But the properties of the shea butter are recognized today by the medical corps (in dermatology, pharmacy, etc.) both African and European. Like any vegetable fats, the shea butter has the overall, effects softeners, does not dry and protectors. The presence of the unsaponifiables, up to 7% in the shea butter, rare in the oils except the lawyer and the soybeans, also participates in these effects.
The properties of the shea butter are the following:
protection of the skin against the weather and the sun. It is a protection of natural origin against ultraviolet that promotes the prevention of certain allergies Solar, property due to the presence of latex. wound healing and disinfection, allowing to Luter against dermatitis, chapping and crevices or skin ulcers, thanks to the presence of vitamins A, nutrition of connective tissues thanks to the linoleic acid and vitamin F, but also of the hair dry and brittle thanks to the presence of vitamin A. Improvement of the regeneration of tissues and stimulation of cells in a state of self protection. This allows for the fight against degenerative diseases of the skin due to the age and the sun.
This action is accompanied by an increase of the capillary circulation favoring local re-tissue oxygenation and the elimination of metabolic wastes. Fight against stretch marks by its characteristics anti-élastases.
These properties are also favored by his excellent ability to make stable emulsions (Oil in water or water in oil).
It should be noted above all that the shea butter is, by its stability, an excellent excipient for all medical preparations, to the extent that it avoids the allergic reactions without altering the active principles. In addition to its applications in dermatology, the shea butter is also recognized effective against: aches and rheumatism. The common cold of brain as a nasal decongestant.

 The equity 
A local proverb says: “Everything used on your skin must be eatable”, hence the authentic wealth of this Shea butter which made it a noble product.
 Fair trade by nature 
- Small producers who make it with patience and passion, sell it in the price of their convenience (there is no pressure from the importers, neither at the level of price nor the return)
- The retailer in the market furnishes 2 times a week (Thursday and Sunday). He knows the best quality of the Shea butter at a glance. The retailer is obliged to buy and sell the best quality so that he couldn’t have unsold, for everyone knows the best quality. People eat and use it since the birth.

So every one can find its account
- The buyer is insured to buy a 100% natural fresh product consumed by the local population, and not made especially for exportation. It is as if you are making shopping in a market of Mali
 The Virtues 
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