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Who are us ?

We are a company implanted in Mali since 2007. Our first concern to fight against the poverty, the exploitation of the human poverty, the injustice, Disparity of the sexes, the racism both side black or white, the ignorance, the extremism in every domain but not for the quality of our products.

Very summons us to touch humanely by plague of the research for the El Dorado the countries of the North which strikes Africa. More particularly of the traffic of the illegal immigration which puts in danger the life of these men and women and sometimes children in search of the success. Some sell their business or their house in order to leave.

It is thus in drank the first one whom our director and creator of Nanadiany conceived this concept of orders on internet. We have of very can of stock all is realized with order so we let us avoid unsold article and let us can propose produced in moderate price for an exceptional quality.

The craftsmen are paid with order those who allows them to look the best of them same. Of more this concept our allowed to work with every best craftsmen of the country and the craftsmen nearby countries (as Niger, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania) who comes to Mali to find some work there.

We propose with our means of the courses of computing and initiation into the internet to whom wants it in our premises.

We do not make of the relocation because our products were made always from time immemorial here on the continent because they are products cultural and traditional. On the contrary we were a victim of relocation. For products made in the chain and without the soul original.

Our prices are transparent seen that the craftsmen know our web site and can know their price of resale. One work that good quality requires to spend time and of the attention.
to be continued...

 On 10 October 2011 at the Corso Nanadiany received an award for the quality and content of its website in the category ecommerce website crafts sector and tourism.
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