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Display case for cowry attached-silver rings

We set up our own international classification system called'' sizes'' Nanadiany size (N). This particular system includes all sizes of rings around the world. Refer to the system of your country a little further down and note the equivalent of the size of your home country Nanadiany (N) to place your order.
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Silver sterling ring and cowrie ref 1200
Brand : nanadiany
Price : from  83.77  € VAT Incl.
Silver sterling and cowrie ring ref 1201
Brand : nanadiany
Price : from  74.86  € VAT Incl.
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Ici le nom du produit
Price :   0.00  € VAT Incl.
Silver sterling and cowrie ring ref 1203
Brand : nanadiany
Price : from  69.81  € VAT Incl.
Silver sterling and cowrie ring ref 1204
Brand : nanadiany
Price : from  73.17  € VAT Incl.
Ebony and Silver sterling ring ref 1120
Brand : nanadiany
Price : from  63.13  € VAT Incl.
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