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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: hallo, I want to buy this pot of 1kg of Shea, but I find the postage excessive for 1 colissimo. Could you reduce this without raising doubts about the quality of the product?
A: hallo, I propose only the colissimo because it is secured, ensured and there is a consistence. For, in case of trouble I would not like you to be unsatisfied of our transaction. We prioritize quality and security above all. The postage includes the carriage costs by plane to Paris, the clearance and the colissimo. Yours, Diany

Q: hallo, I’m eventually interested in this bracelet, but I would like a particular diameter (around 6,5). Is there a place for that on your order form?
A: hallo, there is no particular order form out of the steps proposed by Ebay for buying a product. After confirming your purchase, you will receive a mail asking for your wrist size. Yours, Diany

Q: hallo, is this ring available in size 58? Thank you.
A: yes. It is available in every size too. After confirming your purchase you will receive a mail asking for your size for the ring. Yours, Diany

Q: good evening, I would like to know whether you’ve got nice models in “rich cloths”.
A: evening, in the shop of internet site, the Bazin cloth I propose for boubou is the “rich Bazin” (Gagny Lah). It is as good as rich Bazin. It is possible to change the cloth of a model if you want. Chose the model of the shop you desire; I will make the estimate. It is also possible if you don’t want the “Gagny Lah)/

Q: hallo, did you send my last order (Shea butter, remnant of cloths)? If not, reserve a place for this bracelet. My thanks in waiting for a quick response, nice weekend
A: hallo, not yet, you can buy it. You have to know that the portage for this bracelet is 1 euro. Please, give me the diameter for the bracelet by regarding one of your bracelets around your wristband. Thanks for the precision of the measurement. Yours, Diany

Q: could I pay by paypal? Besides, do you have always the size 64? I have asked about it a week ago, but I did not immediately follow up. Thank you
A: hallo, you can pay by paypal. And you can always have in size 64. Thank you for your interest to our products. Yours, Diany

Q: I have seen in your shop a new kind of Shea butter. Is this butter more expensive than the former one? What is the difference between these two varieties of Shea (in the level of cosmetic effect?)
A: there is no particular cosmetic effect. It does not smell the Shea but natural incense. It is more expensive due to the incense and an additional traditional work for the repairing. All is natural, barks and roots of naturally perfumed trees. Many African women use it during days of cold seasons.

Q: hallo, I want to buy because I have dry and rebellious hair, but how do we use it on dry or wet hair? What is the rest time?
A: dissolve the Shea butter in a pan, and let refresh. To remove the smell, you can add it lemon. So apply the obtained cream on the dry hair by massaging the scalp. Wrap the hair in a napkin and wait for an hour. Rinse fully in lukewarm water. Proceed exactly 2 times per month.

Q: hallo, I want to buy several products. How can I do to pay only once the carriage costs?
A: hallo, the portage is calculated automatically or normally after your selection. For that you must confirm your purchases in question. The amount of every product, which benefits grouped portage, is stipulated on each announcement. Yours

Q: good evening dear Ebayor, I sent this email because I want to make purchases in your shop namely bracelet and jewel box. I want to pay by cheque. So I wish to know.
A: good evening, you can pay by a French cheque to my family in France, or by a bank transfer in our account in France from whatever account in the world. You will receive our addresses by Ebay after confirming your purchase. Yours

Q: what is the highest diameter you can have in this model of golden earrings?
A: hallo, the highest diameter is 14cm at 124,90 euro plus 8,50 euro for the portage in requested colissimo R2. in spite of their size, they are decorated with small designs. Presently I don’t have some available, you can find it only on order. Yours

Q: hallo, I come to buy 2 remnants of cloth. If I buy this pot, how much should I pay as portage for Guadeloupe? (French department of overseas) thanks
A: hallo, the portage is 19, 85 euro in requested colissimo R2. Thanks for your purchase. Yours, Diany

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