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Here you found : African jewels in quality silver, bronze, copper, terra-cotta, glass, precious stone (rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants) as those of the Tuareg, the Fulani, the Dogons and the other ethnic groups as well as boubous dresses in rich bazin or wax fabric. We also sell per meter of different fabric.
You will equally in this store found traditional Africa products, such as the cosmetics, like soaps, or shea butter, clothings, different accessories for decorations, Africa wall or framed pictures.
There are also traditional objects such as bogolan, batik, mortar, Dogon ladders and other articles.
You also have the possibility of placing special orders for certain hidden objets to find.
Welcome to nanadiany, you must buy from our sales-shop installed on line in Mali. Finally, these objects of arts and crafts mainly from Africa is sold in retail by particularity, and also in whole-sale for distributors, in particular or professionals.
Have good visit.

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 All African bracelets
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 All African rings

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