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The silver used in our jewelry Nanadiany

The silver used for our jewels is sterling, it is purer than the silver used in modern jewellery, that is to say the 925/000 which is the international norm, the minimum quantity to guarantee a jewel of silver quality so that this last one could keep its “quality silver” term. However our craftsmen find the 925/000 alloy of silver too hard, so it is not enough ductile for some of our traditional jewels which risk to break when the craftsman try to bend them, like the Fulani earrings or rings. It is also too hard during the hammering done by hand to give shape at most of our jewels such as bracelets or wrist rings. That is why it is necessary for us that the silver must be as pure as possible and able to reach a value of 999/000, that is to say the treatment of solid silver ingot. We can find in minute quantity of bronze or copper in the silver used by our craftsmen, in order to permit the jewel to maintain it's strength and to prolong its life span. But we do not use nickel because of risk of allergy. Furthermore in view of its very strong silver composition in pure metal form, our metal resists really much more by the phenomenon of oxidation and tarnishing. Like most of our ancestral jewels which spent centuries, have been manufactured; so every one can find his account. A less laborious work for craftsmen and the guarantee of a pure jewel in silver, a very valuable jewel.
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